During a lot of years in our family a Siam cat Misha lived. When he was 15 and died because of kidney decease all the family was really upset and worried. After this sad event we didn’t want to take a cat for a long time. When the decision was eventually made, our opinions divided between Scottish and Abissin breeds. But in the end we chose Scottish cat. We bought a little gold kitten. He was very shy, fearful and he had a lot of fleas.

Small Hosico was so cute and funny that we decided to show his photos in Instagram. Little by little there appeared more and more followers. Now Hosico is loved by the whole world. Everybody likes he’s gold and fluffy. 

He likes to play with only new toys, in a week he gets bored of them. They are as usual not toys from the shop, but a shoelace, a tree branch, a paper sheet, a tennis ball. Hosico is scared of unknown people and places. Even when something is just on another place he will beware and surprise. Not on the right place – it may be dangerous! 

Hosico is often compared with Puss in Boots from the ‘Shrek’ cartoon, or with Garfield, or even with a squirrel and a big hamster. 

You can find out a lot of details in the article A Handsome Heartthrob Named Hosico

Thank you all for you love Hosico!

Hosico is a representative of the breed Scottish Straight (Scottish Shorthair SFS 71). However, this breed is not recognized worldwide, such as in Russia. This cat breed is recognized as a separate breed by the Australian Cat Federation (ACF) as the Scottish Shorthair and The International Cat Associaton (TICA) as the Scottish Straight. Usually when we hear about a Scottish breed we imagine a lop-eared cat called a Scottish Fold. Therefore, for many countries the same breed will be a British Shorthair. The exact name of the Hosico's color - Black Golden Ticked (Ny 25).

Hosico's Diet consists of baby food - chicken with rice or buckwheat, beef with pumpkin or zucchini. He also eats dry food for cats. And almost every day he gets a fillet of raw turkey or beef.

Normal Hosico's weight is about 5 kg, in the winter it decreases to 4.5 kg. By the end of the summer he can score up to 5.5 kg.