Hosico — Scottish fluffy cat

Hosico is a gold scottish cat, boy. He was born on August 4, 2014 in Russia. ‘Hosico’ translated from Japanese means ‘star child’. His ascent to success in Instagram he began from his childhood, when he was a little kitten. Now he is admired by people from all over the world.  

Hosico Cat Cuddle Plush!

Ultra soft plush toy Hosico for cuddles and kisses for my fans around the world! You can have one today! 

Hosico Shop

Ladies and gentlemen, moms and dads! I am so happy to announce that we have new absolutely amazing product designs in our shop. An amazing artist Sam Nassour has created the sketches of my everyday life and I love them a lot! 

T-Shirts & Apparel, Home Decor, Accessories. Take a look and choose your favorite design!

Calendar Hosico

Limited edition Hosico Calendar 2018 is Now Available! 

Beautiful full color photos of me will for sure make you smile through the whole year.

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